Individual paperwork installing, installing, and improving Qubes

Individual paperwork installing, installing, and improving Qubes

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Installment instructions

Thanks for visiting the Qubes OS set up manual! This guide will take you step-by-step through the entire process of setting up Qubes. Please read it very carefully and carefully, as it contains important info for making sure their Qubes OS construction is functional and secure.


Hardware requirement

Qubes OS has really certain system specifications. Assure being compatible, we strongly suggest using Qubes-certified components. Other equipment might need you to definitely perform considerable troubleshooting. You can also believe it is beneficial to seek advice from the components Compatibility checklist.

Also on backed devices, you have to make sure that IOMMU-based virtualization is actually triggered within the BIOS or UEFI. Without one, Qubes OS won’t manage to implement separation. For Intel-based boards, this setting is called Intel Virtualization for advised I/O (Intel VT-d) as well as for AMD-based boards decisive hyperlink, really called AMD I/O Virtualization Technology (or just AMD-Vi). This parameter must triggered inside computer’s BIOS or UEFI, alongside the conventional Virtualization (Intel VT-x) and AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) extensions. This outside manual designed for Intel-based boards makes it possible to figure out how to enter your own BIOS or UEFI to discover and activate those options. If those options commonly nested under the cutting-edge case, you may find all of them underneath the Security tab.

Duplicating the ISO onto the set up moderate

Find the most dependable present pc and OS available for you for downloading and duplicating the Qubes ISO onto the setting up medium. Grab a Qubes ISO.

When the ISO happens to be validated as real, you need to duplicate it on the installation method of your choice, such as for example a USB drive, dual-layer DVD, or Blu-ray disc. How big is each Qubes ISO can be found regarding downloads page by hanging across down load key. The training below trust you have preferred a USB drive as your moderate. In the event that you’ve preferred another type of medium, please adjust the directions consequently.

Linux ISO to USB

On Linux, if you choose to make use of a USB drive, duplicate the ISO onto the USB tool, e.g. using dd :

Modification Qubes-RX-x86_64.iso into filename regarding the adaptation you’re putting in, and change /dev/sdY into correct target unit e.g., /dev/sdc ). Make sure to write into entire tool (age.g., /dev/sdc ) rather than just just one partition (age.g., /dev/sdc1 ).

Screens ISO to USB

On windowpanes, you can utilize the Rufus instrument to write the ISO to a USB trick. Be sure to choose “Write in DD graphics mode” after choosing the Qubes ISO and pushing “START” regarding Rufus primary window.


This part will prove a simple installment using generally default settings.

If you’re an enhanced individual, while want to customize the installment, please read customized construction. Or else, proceed with the directions down the page.

Addressing the boot monitor

“Booting” is the process of starting your pc. When a personal computer footwear right up, they 1st works low-level pc software prior to the main os. According to the computer, this low-level software program is may be known as “BIOS” or “UEFI”.

Since you’re setting up Qubes OS, you’ll have to access your computer’s BIOS or UEFI menu to enable you to determine they as well through the USB drive that you only duplicated the Qubes installer ISO.

To start, power off your computer or laptop and connect the USB drive into a USB slot, but don’t newspapers the ability button yet. Immediately after your hit the ability option, you’ll need to immediately hit a particular the answer to go into the BIOS or UEFI diet plan. The answer to press differs from brand to brand. Esc , Del , and F10 are normal your. If you’re undecided, searching the web for BIOS key or UEFI secret (replacing with your particular computer system design) or have a look it up in your computer’s guide.

Once you understand the secret to click, click their computer’s electricity switch, next over repeatedly push on that trick until you’ve entered the computer’s BIOS or UEFI selection. To give you and concept of what you want to be looking for, we’ve provided a couple of instance photographs below.

Here’s a good example of what the BIOS menu looks like on a ThinkPad T430:

If footwear monitor will not come, there are lots of choices to troubleshoot. Initially, take to rebooting your personal computer. Whether it nevertheless loads your currently put in operating system or does not detect your installations method, make sure the boot order is set up accordingly. The procedure to alter the footwear order differs with regards to the at this time put in system and also the motherboard maker. If Windows 10 try installed on your own machine, you may need to adhere particular instructions to change the boot order. This may require an enhanced reboot.

The installer home display

About very first display, you happen to be requested to pick the language which is put while in the installation techniques. When you’re completed, identify last.

Ahead of the next display, a being compatible test operates to check whether IOMMU-virtualization is actually productive or not. In the event that examination fails, a window will pop up.

Dont worry. It might probably merely indicate that IOMMU-virtualization keepsn’t come triggered in BIOS or UEFI. Go back to the devices requirements area to learn how exactly to turn on they. In the event that style is not designed properly, it means that the equipment won’t be able to leverage some Qubes security features, such a strict isolation from the network and USB equipment.

If test goes, you are going to reach the installation overview screen. The installer lots Xen right at the start. As much as possible look at installer’s visual display, and you also go the being compatible check that runs instantly later, Qubes OS is likely to run the body!

Like Fedora, Qubes OS uses the Anaconda installer. Those who understand RPM-based distributions should become at your home.

Installations overview

The Installation overview display lets you changes the way the program is installed and configured, like localization options. At least, you have to find the storing unit upon which Qubes OS are going to be set up.

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